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Pollution is not restricted to just the outdoors. Shocking as it might seem, sometimes the indoor air is more contaminated than the outside air. If you want to get your indoor air quality inspected, call Boynton Beach AC Services by dialing 561-300-6349. A premier AC service company in and around Boynton Beach, FL, we have been helping residential and commercial property owners improve their indoor air quality for the last twenty years. We have with us air quality experts who use cutting-edge tools to evaluate the air inside a property. Next, they take steps to purify the air and create a fresh and safe ambience.

Why is the indoor air dirty?

There are various factors that impact the quality of indoor air such as dust, cigarette smoke, cooking residue and pet dander among others. The real reasons for pollution however are fungus, bacteria and mold – these tend to accumulate in the air ducts and vents. When the air conditioning system is switched on, it causes the microorganisms to spread in the property thus polluting it.

The simple solution: Regular AC cleaning:

Nothing beats regular cleaning of your air conditioning system. Without proper cleanup, dust and debris will accumulate in your machine and can cause it to malfunction. If you have an AC unit, it is important to ensure that you clean it at regular intervals. This will keep indoor air quality fresh and clean. At Boynton Beach AC Services, we service both residential and commercial ACs. Our experts use the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly clean a machine and ensure that it’s performing to its fullest capacity.

When you call us, we will:

Step 1: Cover the furniture in your home

Step 2: Eliminate covers and get access to openings

Step 3: Clean dust buildup

Step 4: Vacuum clean and use HEPA system to get rid of microorganisms

Step 5: Undertake a thorough cleanup with special cleansers

Step 6: Use biocide to eliminate harmful elements

Step 7: Check the indoor air quality and note the improvement

Our other measures:

To improve indoor air quality, it is important to hire the services of an expert company. Remember, it is impossible to make your home pollution-free overnight. If you are looking for quality solutions, you must install specialized products too to improve indoor air quality. There are several such products available in the market today, and it can be quite difficult to zero down on one particular product. At Boynton Beach AC Services, we have wide experience in selecting the best quality products for your property. Our experts can help identify the air purifying products that can help clean the air indoors and keep it fresh and safe.

Some of our recommendations include:

  • Installing cleaners
  • Installing humidifiers/dehumidifiers to maintain the humidity levels
  • Employing ventilators for proper ventilation
  • Using UV lamps to get rid of microorganisms
  • Installing full-home air purifiers

Want to enhance your indoor air quality? Dial 561-300-6349 today! We work 24/7 in Boynton Beach, FL area and can arrive in less than 20 minutes to resolve your AC issues.