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Businesses need comfortable workspaces to ensure that employees are at their productive best. A defunct system can have a negative impact on your business, and bring it to a complete halt. If you own a business, it is of utmost importance that you pay attention to the air conditioning in your office. For business owners looking for commercial AC experts in Boynton Beach, FL area, Boynton Beach AC Services is the best name in the region.

With over two decades of experience in servicing commercial ACs and an extensive client base comprising warehouses, institutions, IT companies, offices and multiplexes, we are best suited to handle all kinds of commercial HVAC requirements – and that’s why you should call us on 561-300-6349 right away!


You must know that ACs used in residences and commercial spaces differ widely. Here are some of the major differences:

  1. Size: Residential ACs are smaller in size than commercial units. In office spaces, the machine installed needs to be large as the space required to be cooled is big and the number of occupants too is more.
  2. Complexity: ACs are complex machines, and commercial units are even more tricky. Only an expert can handle it with dexterity.
  3. Cost: Commercial air conditioner differs from residential ones in several respects. Everything adds to the cost of the system. ACs are expensive investments, but a commercial one comes at a greater cost.

As said, commercial machines are complicated systems and are best handled by trained professionals. Boynton Beach AC Services is the leading commercial HVAC expert in the region and provides expert help. Our technicians are proficient in handling commercial ACs of all brands, so no matter what kind of air conditioner you want serviced, we can do so. We are equipped with sophisticated tools and the latest techniques to service commercial ACs.


Consultation: Remember, you must not install a system just because your friend or colleague has recommended it. Your AC must be the right size for your property. If it is undersized or oversized for your property, the machine will not be able to meet the cooling requirements of your property. At Boynton Beach AC Services, we can guide you about the best HVAC for your needs. Our experts will take into consideration various factors such as the size of the space, number of occupants and other aspects of the property to suggest the best unit for your requirements.

Installation: Installation of an air conditioning unit must always be done by an expert. Faulty installation can hamper the working of the machine and lead to decreased efficiency. Whether you are planning to install several split ACs or a centralized one, our experts can handle all kinds of AC installations. We check the ductwork, the insulation of the property and the aesthetics to ensure a well working system. 

Repairs and maintenance: Our team provides maintenance contracts for commercial HVAC systems. Whenever you face any issue with your machine, all you have to do is call us to fix it at the earliest. With quality repairs and maintenance, your machine is geared to run its lifetime without any glitches.

Looking for commercial HVAC technicians in Boynton Beach, FL area? Dial 561-300-6349.